Alexandria is the seaport of Egypt. This ancient natural seaport is located on the extreme west side of the Nile River Delta of Egypt. The port is approximately 150 nautical miles in west of the entrance to the Suez Canal and Said by sea. This port holds the burden of transacting about one third of Egypt’s foreign trade. This port consists of two huge harbors one at the east corner and other at the west corner separated by a T-shaped peninsula. The west harbor is used for commercial shopping and the east harbor is not navigable by large vessels so it is used only for small shipments.

This Egyptian seaport is also the one of the oldest ports in the world. Being one of the world’s oldest seaports its history is approximately from 1900 BC when it was established by the servants of Pharos to serve as coastal shipping and supply of foods and materials to their remote islands. The port is named after the Alexandria the great when his forces cleared this port and his engineer Dinocrat linked the port of Alexandria and the island of pharos with the help of two 1200 meters long and 200 hundred meters wide harbor basin for commercial and military use. By the creation of Dakheila port in 1986 expanded this port and reduced the extra burden over this port.

Alexandria Seaport View

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