“Three Gorges Dam” is the biggest dam in Asia. The height of this magnificent dam in 181 m whereas it is 2,335 m long. It would be an amazing fact to know that this dam has a catchment area of 1,000,000 sq. km. It is a hydroelectricity generating project of China which is constructed on Yangtze River in China. It is the biggest dam of China and the most important dam in China socially, economically and ecologically. The Chinese engineers regard this project as a major project for controlling the green house gases emissions because it meets the power needs of millions of people in China. It preserves 31,900,000 acre feet water. Three Gorges Dam is mechanized by 32 heavy turbines with installed capacity of 22,500 MV. It is the largest electricity producer dam of the world. The construction of this dam was completed in 2008. It became fully operational in 2011. Not only increasing the shipping capacity of Yangtze river (Largest River in Asia), Three Gorges Dam also control the possibility of flood by providing more flood water storage capacity.

Three Gorges Dam Picture

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