Grand lake is the deepest lake in Colorado, United States. It was discovered by European hunters in 1800s. And it used as a permanent residency is 1867. Its origin is from Colorado River. As it is originated by glaciers it is considered as a glacial lake. The major inflow of this lake comes from Rocky Mountain National Park.

The average depth of this lake is 265 feet while the maximum depth is 400 meters. Grand Lake is 1.5 miles long in length while in width it is about 1 mile. The total surface are covered by this lake is 507 acres. Almost 68,621 acre feet is the volume of water present in this lake. The shore length of this lake is 4 miles and the surface elevation is of 2,550 meters.

Grand lake has a variety of wildlife and is surrounded by the glaciers. The location of this lake gives it a beautiful scenic view and is very much popular as a tourist destination. There is a park adjacent to Grand Lake. The combination of a lake and a park provides endless entertainment to the tourists. Hiking, boating, hunting and fishing are the famous activities of this lake. There are casino, theatre, yacht and golf club at grand lake, which has increased the flow of tourists towards this lake.

Grand Lake Picture

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