Arabian Desert Facts:

Arabian Desert is the second largest desert in the world. Arabian Desert lies in eight Arabian countries which are situated in western Asia. These countries are Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar. This one of the largest desert in the world is situated in Arabian Peninsula which is also the largest Peninsula in the world. Another interesting fact about this desert is that the largest continuous sand body in the world lies at its center which is known as Rub Al Khali. The area of this desert is 2,330,000 square kilometers. It is 2100 km long and 1100 km wide.

Flora And Fauna:

Owing to the cruel atmosphere of this desert only few plants species are present in this desert. Scientists believe in Rub Al Khali there are only 37 types of plants which are present. But there are a large number of animals are inhabitant of Arabian Desert. Laner Falcon, Arabian Cobra, Arabian Oryx and domestic camels are the popular animals found in Arabian Desert.


As oil is the major natural resource of this desert so different governments used oil as a weapon against the enemies. For this reason the atmosphere of this desert was destroyed when oil wells of Kuwait were burned down in 1990 war between Iraq and Kuwait. Similarly, millions of barrels of oil was spilled into the Persian Gulf. Not only thousands of water species lost their lives but also the ecosystem was disturbed badly.

Arabian Desert

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