Canada is known as the Land of Maple. The maple tree is significant to the Canadian environment and economy, besides being an eye-catching and iconic element of the Canadian geography. Almost thirteen different species of maple trees are in the North America and out of them ten belong to Canada, making this tree the symbol of Canadian identity. All the way through the past, the maple leaf has gained value as a Canadian emblem, to the tip where it is at present, the most identifiable symbol of the state.

The maple leaf has indicated and renowned distinctively the Canadian characteristic. And for this very reason, in 1834 the First Mayor of Montreal, Quebec, Jacques Viger, illustrated the maple as the:

“King of the Forest…The Symbol of the Canadian People “.

On February 15, 1965 when the state flag of Canada was inaugurated, the red and white flag demonstrated that the only symbol of being a Canadian is the maple leaf. In the past, the maple leaf was on every Canadian coin, but in the present day, it remains simply on the penny. The maple leaf is also known as an emblem of responsibility and bravery, pride and determination, originality, miscellany and supplementary than anything besides, it is a representation of what Canadians stand for.

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