Africa and to be particular, the Sub-Saharan area of Africa was historically known as the Dark Continent by the white European colonialists. The major reason of this area being called the Dark Continent was the black skin toned population in this region. This skin tone was unique to Sub-Saharan Africa and this unique skin tone is considered to be one of the factors that brought this name into existence. Another reason for this area to be called as the Dark Continent is that according to historical evidences, famous explorers and navigators from Europe left the country mysterious and undiscovered on the whole due to scarcity of food resources and life threatening wild life. For still being left to be properly mapped on the globe, it fetched the title, referring this area to-be-explored on the world map.

Another reason for the name of this region was that Africa was the least affected continent by modernization in terms of time. Therefore, the living standard and cultural values were still primitive in many regions of this continent. The authenticity of Africa as “Dark Continent” can be found in many pages of recorded history. In the 14th century, Europeans brought many natives of Congo and other nearby countries, as slaves in Europe. Later on, more slaves were also brought by Portuguese business owners and hence because of the lack of skilled manpower, this area could not develop in comparison with other Asian and European countries. Thus bringing this region the last reason of this name.

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