There are many islands with Hindu population like Caribbean, Fiji, Andaman and Nicobar Island in the world. But undisputedly the most famous island knows for Hindu population and perhaps the most beautiful island as well is the Bali Island. It is the province of Indonesia. Bali is known for its beauty and is also called tourist’s paradise.

About 94% of the total population of Bali Island is Hindus while only 2% of the total population of Indonesia is Hindus. The total population of Bali Island recorded in 2011 is 3,901,457. Bali also helps a great deal to stabilize the economy of Indonesia as it is the largest tourist destination in the country throughout the year.

Bali is located near Java Island which is world’s most densely populated island. The reason behind the higher portion of Hindus in Bali while Indonesia is an Islamic country is that when Java was captured by Muslims then all the Hindus ran away from Java and took shelter in Bali. Hindus built many temples here, The Mother Temple of Besakih is one of the most significant and great attraction for tourist. Apart from Hindus there also exist Chinese immigrants.

Bali Island Picture

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