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Deepest Fresh Water Lakes In the World

Baikal Lake: Not only the deepest lake in the world but also the also the oldest fresh water lake, The Baikal, is the second most voluminous lake in the world. Its average depth is 744.4 meters. It is estimated that it contains 20% of world’s fresh water.  Known as “Pearl of Siberia” lake Baikal... readmore

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How does the unequal heating of the atmosphere cause weather?

Wind is caused by unequal heating of the atmosphere by the sun. Most differences in air pressure are caused by unequal heating of the atmosphere. As you learned in the previous section, convection currents from when an area of Earth’s surface is heated by sun’s rays. Air over the heated surface... readmore

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What is the gulf, peninsula and isthmus?

A Gulf is a place where the sea intrude into the land. A peninsula is where the land sticks out into the sea. Connection of the mainland by a thin strip of land called an ISTHMUS. readmore  Read More →

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Which is the Second Biggest Continent in the world?

Africa is the Second Biggest Continent in the world.  readmore  Read More →

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Which sea is near the Bosphorus?

Black Sea is near the Bosphorus.  readmore  Read More →

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Which country is situated on the equator?

Indonesia is situated on the equator. It has the world’s largest muslim population.  Read More →

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What is the Important Features of mountain?

Valleys are important features of mountain. A Valley is an opening between two mountains or hills.  Read More →

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where is Gobi desert?

The Gobi desert is the fifth largest desert on this planet. It acres across the borderlines of southern Mongolia and northern China. It covers the half of a million square miles from Asia’s most isolated regions. The basins of Gobi desert range from 1600-5000 feet above the sea level. Its dry climate... readmore

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where is sahara desert situated?

Sahara Desert Situated in Northern Africa. It is the world’s largest and hottest desert.  It covers approximately 9,400,000 square kilometres (3,630,000 sq mi).  Read More →

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How many tons of sulphur Koh-i-Sultan has?

Koh-i-Sultan has  approximately 738 thousand tons reserve of sulphur.  Read More →

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