Pakistan’s worst humanitarian crisis is deepening and magnitude of devastation is increasing day by day. Calamity seems to have no willingness to go back in its hide out, and impoverished people have no saber to curb the situation. Starvation, epidemics and dearth of the whole basic necessities have squashed the millions and horrifying surges of wreckage are still smashing massive fractions of affected people.
Recent statistics show that Kotri barrage is still facing high level of flood. According to flood forecast division, 950,000 cusec water is recorded as weekly intake of Korti barrage. Similarly 630,000 cusec on Sukkur barrage, 576,000 cusec on Guddu barrage, 433,000 cusec on Tonsa barrage and 330,416 cusec of Chash barrage has been recorded simultaneously which is the largest intake ever-since respectively.
Mass migration is rapidly increasing with the passage of time. Two days before government ordered 300,000 more people to evacuate the city of Thatha. Rain-triggered massive flood steeply moving from north to south. During last 4 days one million more people from the surrounding of has been Thatha displaced by frequent flood torrents.
Engineer are trying to repair the flood breaches but Dadu and Thatha are still under the hazard of heavy flood. Total 492 villages of Thatha have already been engulfed by flood water. Same is the case with Makli and Dadu.
Prime Minister Gilani visited the flood affected area with Saudi Prince Waleed bin talal. While holding a press conference along with the prince, the prime minister explained that the country is in dire need of at least 5 billion US dollars immediately to give instant relief to victims of flood.
U.N report published on 28-08-10 showed that 20 million people have become direct victim of flood till now.
18 August, 2010: According to recent reports of AP, more than 15 Million people and 10 million cattles (live Stock) have been affected by the recent flood. Jackababad has no more communication with any other city. Flood water has captured the city from all sides. The city is facing a severe shortage of daily food items and petroleum products.

Flood tide in suburbs of Thatha is also forecasted. A flood tide of 100, 00, 00 cusec meter has already struck, Rajan Pur, Kashmor and some other areas of Bhakkar and Layya.
Transport at Jafrabad Highway is completely jammed. “Qabu Saeed Khan” is about to be vacant and people are being shifted to Karachi by special train. Indus River bears average tides of flood at Chashma and Kala Bagh. Epidemics have engulfed flood victims more severely and students step in to survive the victims.
17 August, 2010: Army Chief Mr. Kyani visited flooding areas. Jakababad is still under hazard of flood and it is kept trying to stop water towards Jakababad by the irrigation and military department. Land communication between D.I.Khan and Ali Pur has been disconnected. River Indus is still on the rise at Gaddu and Sakkar Barrages and situation in worsening in Guddu Barrage. With reference to U.N aid reports, 20% of required immediate aid has been collected. However, there is an immense need to accelerate international donors. Sir Lanka has dispatched medical aid to Pakistan. Similarly, Australia and Japan have also sent aid article today. Saudi King collected 70 million rial (Saudi Currency) for flood victims.

16 August, 2010: US provided additional elements for temporary shelter of flood victims. Regarding the coordination of International community for flood aid, Saudi King directed to launch campaign for the help of flood victims, NATO also offered ‘air bridge’ UN and OIC announced to have session for the flooding situation. Keerthar canal regulators have broken down the canal bank due to rising flood flow. New flood tides thunder into Dera Allah Yar. There is high flood pressure at Sukkur and Guddu Barrages. Flood victims are still facing high deficiency of food and potable water. More than the cost of 1 billion rupees, crops have been destroyed and 20 more villages come under flood tide in Sindh today.

15 August, 2010: Ban Ki Moon arrived in Pakistan today and PM Gillani briefs him on flood situation. Flood torrent hits Balochistan and wrecks havoc in some nearby villages of the river Indus. Flood flow is proceeding towards ‘Ostai’ and “Gaudakhta” in Khyber PakhtunKhwa. Canada pledges 33 million dollars France and Jordan send an increased aid. The situation of flood victims is going to be more deteriorated and people messed with police in Sukkur. In Punjab, Khan Garh is under flood waves because the water of drain canal struck to “Shehar Sultan”. In Khyber PakhtunKhwa Swat and Kabul River are bearing high level flooding. Land communication of Gilgit Baltistan has been disconnected.

14 August, 2010: Flood in Chenab River entered in the vast land of Behlol Pur near Gujrat. Gujrat is announced under hazard of flood by water control authority. Far reaching areas of Sukkur barrage are still under flood in Indus river turned its way towards Jackobabad. Noshehra is facing great trouble due to flood and PM visited Noshehra to console the people and to examine the administrative arrangements for the effected people. Hillary Clinton asked Mr. Zardari about flooding situation via phone call. This year the whole nation celebrated “Jashn-e-Azadi” simply due to flood grief.
Shahbaz Sharif Proposed to levy “Flood Tax” to help out the flood affected people. On the other hand Khyber PakhtunKhwa demanded 10 billion rupees at once to cop with flood disaster. The situation is going to be more and more worsen.

13 August, 2010: Inundations backed by moon soon rains, started in July 2010, has swept more than 230 villages by engulfing the North-West of Pakistan. Million of people migrated to the nearer cities and left their asset in an unsecured milieu. Whole of the Muzaffargarh city near Multan on the bank of Chenab River, has been evacuated four days ago. Water has reached in the streets of Muzaffargarh. Refugees are residing in the schools, colleges and railways stations with out food, medicines and other basic necessities of life.
The rescue teams of Pak Army, N60,s Volunteer group, and foreign troups of welfare organization are serving the people at their best level but the high number of effects is uncontrollable. PM, Yousaf Raza Gilani is still in the flooded areas to listen the cries. CM, Shahbaz Sharif is also serving the people but the political aims are on the priority yet. Total loss in monetary values is not calcutaleable. Although according to the UNO’s report Pakistan needs US $ 3.5 billion to offset the destructive work of flood.
The impact of this disaster is of many folds. The long term economic milieu will be disturbed due to the destruction of infrastructure. The economic growth would be squeezed as North-Western parts of Pakistan have gone far behind the rest of the country.
According to AP, 1600 people have been died yet and almost 13 million people have been disturbed by the recent flood which is the worst of its kind in the history of Pakistan. These estimates are not exact as it is difficult for the people to count the number of deaths in this flood. Dead bodies are floating in the water, houses have demolished, crops have been washed away and house animals have died in this flood. The number of people disturbed by the flood is more than the combined total of those hit by tsunami and earth quakes in Kashmir and Haiti as reported by UN.

After devastating the cities of KP including Peshawar, the deadly water is not stopping yet as the cities of Muzaffargarh, DG Khan, Layyah, Sukkar etc have been submerged in the water. Almost 20,000 villages have been inundated and most of them have been washed away completely from the earth. The Sukkar, Chasma barrages are still under threat and recieving exceptionally high flood.

All the five rivers of Indus, Chenab, Jehlum, Ravi and Satluj are flooding havoc in their respective areas.

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