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Smallest province of Pakistan

Balochistan is the smallest province of Pakistan by population which is  about 7,800,000 people. While Kyber Pakhtoonkhawa is the smallest province of Pakistan by area which has a length of 74,521 km2.  Read More →

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Largest Nuclear Power Station of Pakistan

Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) is the Largest Nuclear Power Station of Pakistan. KANUPP is a single unit CANDU PHWR with a total gross capacity of 137 Mega Watts. It has been in commercial operation since 1972. It is located at Paradise Point on the arid Arabian Sea Coast, about 15 miles to the... readmore

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Karachi: Most Populated City of Pakistan

Karachi is the most populated city of Pakistan. It is also the biggest city of Pakistan by area. Being the most populous city of Pakistan, Karachi is a home of 18 million people. It is also known as “City Of Lights”. The total area of Karachi is 3,530 km2 (1,360 sq. miles), almost five times... readmore

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National Holidays of Pakistan; Islamic Holidays Of Pakistan

Public holidays of Pakistan are counted as 16 out of which 9 are national and 7 are religious. Holidays are announced to revive the memories of important incidents of the country and to keep the religious norms alive in the hearts of people. These holidays are announced by the government and any institution... readmore

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