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Most Populated Countries in Asia Continent

Almost 30% of earth’s surface is covered by dry land and 30% of this surface is in Asia. It is world’s largest continent regarding area and population. The total area of this continent is about 44,579,000 square kilometers. Moreover, the total population is about 3.9 billion, which makes about 60%... readmore

March 3, 2010 | Khadija Afzal | 5 Comments | 655 views

Agriculture Problems in Pakistan And Their Solutions

Economy of every state depends on three sectors i.e agriculture, industry and commerce. These three are interrelated with each other as the progress or retrogress of one sector effects the other two. Pakistan is an agricultural state thus agriculture gains are of much importance than any other sector.... readmore

March 1, 2010 | Mohsin Ali | 38 Comments | 462 views

Terrorism In Pakistan: Genesis, Causes and Solutions With History

After the September 11 terrorist attacks, Pakistan’s decision to join the U.S led global war on terror provided it with an opportunity and chance to address militancy and religious extremism is the country. Terrorism as it has been defined since 9/11 has so far taken a death toll of thousands of... readmore

January 24, 2010 | Afifa Gillani | 5 Comments | 429 views

Most Corrupt Countries Rankings 2012, 2013 in The World

Corruption can be defined as the paying and receiving of bribes for preferential treatment. Corruption indexes are introduced by Transparency International every year. They have a special criteria to measure the corruption through 13 independent surveys in any country or governments. The rankings... readmore

January 13, 2010 | Mohsin Ali | 13 Comments | 921 views
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