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Scientific Instruments

Drumometer | Measures Speed Of Drummers

Drumometer is an instrument used for measuring speed, mostly used by drummers. It tells the technical accuracy and speed of drummers on four primary devices, how fast and accurate they strike the drum in a specific time period.  Read More →

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Durometer | Measures The Hardness Of Substance

Durometer is an instrument used for measuring hardness of substance. It has got huge applications and is used in measuring the hardness of so many things keeping certain standards, like mattress foams filled with resilient material, tyers, plastics and all those non-metallic things. It is available in... readmore

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Ellipsograph | Describes Ellipses

Ellipsograph is an instrument used for describing ellipses. This simple but technical instrument is able to make ellipses of any size from 0*0 to 170*110. Fine special pencil is required to work with this device.  Read More →

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Dynamometer | Measures Mechanical Force And Power

Dynamometer is an instrument used for measuring mechanical force and power of any running engine or any motor. Both the torque produced by the movement of any electromechanical device and the power require to generate force, can be calculated and measured by dynamometer. Most common example of dynamometer... readmore

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Electroretinograph | Measures Electrical Activity In Retina

Electroretinograph abbreviated as ERG is an instrument used for measuring electrical activity in the retina which are light sensitive cells and are termed as rod and con. When the retina generates electrical potential in the eye, Electroretinograph is put over the eye having electrodes that will contact... readmore

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Effusiometer | Compares Molecular Weights Of Gases

Effusiometer is an instrument used for comparing molecular weights of gases. It tells the velocity and flow of gases under pressure as well as the amount per unit size.  Read More →

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Elatrometer | Measures Gaseous Pressure

Elatrometer is an instrument used for measuring gaseous pressure. It tells the amount of air density in any air pump.  Read More →

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Electrocardiograph | Records Electrical Fluctuations Of Heart

Electrocardiograph is an instrument used for recording electrical fluctuations of the heart. It is the basic need of Clinical Doctors, which tells the abnormalities in the heart by configuring it electronically. ECG use Glasgow algorithm (GRI) for showing results with accuracy.  Read More →

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Electroencephalograph | Measures Brain Electrical Impulses

Electroencephalograph is an instrument used for measuring the brains electrical impulses. It tells the brain activity electronically on the computer screen by attaching with the head with few wires having sensors attached to it. It is used for epilepsy. It is a priceless clinical tool for discerning... readmore

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Electrometer | Measures Electrical Or Potential Differences

Electrometer is a high impedance voltmeter used for measuring magnitude, electrical potential or charges by the electrostatic forces, current and resistance. It can be able to calculate very high resistance and very low electric current.  Read More →

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