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F.Sc Chemistry

What will be the effect on the value of heat solution,if more solvent is added to the solution?

If we add more solvent to a solution then the heat of solution changes till it is infinitely diluted.  Read More →

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What is called the elevation of boiling points of solutions?

The elevation of boiling points of solution is directly proportional to the the molar concentration. Greater the concentration of solute, greater the number of particles and greater the elevation of boiling point.  Read More →

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Indicate the solution pairs which can be separated into its pure components by fractional distillation?

Benzene and toluene is such a pair of liquids which can be separated by each other by fractional distillation. They are both non-polar liquids and make the ideal solutions.  Read More →

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How azeotropic mixture can be separated into pure components?

Azeotropic mixture can not be separated by any of given methods in a, b, & c. It can only be separated by the conventional distillation.  Read More →

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What is meant the expected value of molar mass when the value of colligative property due to a substance is high?

The strong electrolytes dissociates into ions. In this way the number of particles increase and the value of colligative property becomes greater than the expectations.  Read More →

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On which depends the colligative property of the solution?

Colligative property is that one which depends upon the number of molecules of solute in the solution.  Read More →

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Which of the following is not a colligative property?

Boiling point is not a colligative property, but the elevation of boiling point is colligative property.  Read More →

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When an azeotropic mixture of liquids boils at a lower temperature?

If azetropic mixture has boiling point less than either of pure components, then it means that the forces of attractions among the molecules of the components have become weaker as compared to the pure components. Weaker forces of attractions means greater vapour pressure. Greater vapour pressure means... readmore

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What represents the maxima or minima obtained in the temperature composition curve of a mixture of two liquids?

When a graph is plotted between temperature and compositions of a pair of liquids, then for non-ideal solutions either maxima or minima is obtained. The solution corresponding to this maxima and minima point is called azeotropic mixture.  Read More →

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What are called those solutions which shows positive or negative deviation from Raoult’s law?

Those solution which don’t obey the Raoult’s law and show positive and negative deviations are non-ideal solutions.  Read More →

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