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Where does Nile River empty?

River Nile originates from Burundi from Victoria Lake and it empties into the Mediterranean Sea. River Nile floods every year between June and September when there is an extreme summer rain and snow from Ethiopian mountains melt. However it didn’t cause any damage as it used to flood on flat desert... readmore

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Which island is famous for Hindu Population?

There are many islands with Hindu population like Caribbean, Fiji, Andaman and Nicobar Island in the world. But undisputedly the most famous island knows for Hindu population and perhaps the most beautiful island as well is the Bali Island. It is the province of Indonesia. Bali is known for its beauty... readmore

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Which continent is the most popular in the world?

Earth is divided into seven continents namely Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America and Antartica. Asia is the largest continent while Australia is the smallest. Asia is the most popular continent in the world. The first reason of the popularity of Asia is its land area and it... readmore

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Where the Headquarter of UN Organization is located ?

The Headquarter of UN Organization is New York. 192 members have membership of United Nations Organization. The UN came into existence on October 24, 1945. General Secretary of UN is Ban Ki Moon.  Read More →

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What are Golan heights and where are located?

Golan Heights are mountainous region in Syria. It is disputed territory between Syria and Israel. readmore  Read More →

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Alexandria is a Seaport of Which Country?

Alexandria is the seaport of Egypt. This ancient natural seaport is located on the extreme west side of the Nile River Delta of Egypt. The port is approximately 150 nautical miles in west of the entrance to the Suez Canal and Said by sea. This port holds the burden of transacting about one third of Egypt’s... readmore

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Which is the highest mountain in Europe?

The Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe when measured from the sea level. It is a part of Caucus Mountains of Russia. Mount Elbrus has two peaks, which are measured at 5642 meters (18510 feet). Mount Blanc, which is the part of French Alps, is the said to be the tallest point of western Europe... readmore

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Which is the Royal residence of England?

Windsor Castle is the Royal residence of England. Windsor Castle View  Read More →

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Which Continent is Called the Dark Continent?

Africa and to be particular, the Sub-Saharan area of Africa was historically known as the Dark Continent by the white European colonialists. The major reason of this area being called the Dark Continent was the black skin toned population in this region. This skin tone was unique to Sub-Saharan Africa... readmore

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Pamir Knot: Roof of the world

Pamir mountains which are found in Central Asia together with Pakistan and China, are called roof of the world. As the Pamir mountains are comprised of those mountain ranges which are the highest in the world according to sea level. Also Pamir Knot contains some tallest peaks together with a longest... readmore

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