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Grand Coulee Dam: Biggest Dam in USA

Grand Coulee dam is the biggest dam of United States. Situated on River of Columbia, it is the largest concrete structure of USA. It is also the largest electricity producing project of USA while it is ranked as fifth largest electricity producing dam in the world. readmore  Read More →

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First Tank Factory of Pakistan

Taxila Tank factory is the largest tank maker in Pakistan. It was established in 1971 and it has six major engineering units which is the linchpic of Pakistan’s arms manufacturing and heavy engineering. The major local tank productions of this factory are Al-Zarrar and Al-Khalid etc. It is also... readmore

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Most Populous Areas Or Cities in Pakistan

As it is an established fact that Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world so there are some cities in the country which are the most populous cities in Asia and in Pakistan. The most populous city in Pakistan is Karachi with an estimated population of 13,205,339 people. readmore  Read More →

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Mughalpura: Largest Railway Workshop of Pakistan

Mughalpura Railway Workshop situated in Lahore is the largest railway workshop of Pakistan. This is also one of the oldest workshop of the country where all the engines are repaired and overhauled.  Read More →

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Mazar-e-Quaid: Largest Mausoleum of Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam was the founder of the country. He was died in 1948 and was buried in Karachi, the then capital of Pakistan.   YAHYA MERCHANT was the person who designed the mausoleum Mohammed Ali Jinnah(Quaid-e-Azam). readmore  Read More →

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Largest Oil field of Pakistan: Mazari

Mazari is the largest Oil field of Pakistan with production capacity of 1024137 billion barrels.  Read More →

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Khewra Salt Mines: Largest Mines of Pakistan

Salt Mines Khewra is the largest mine of Pakistan which is situated in Khewra, Jehlum. It fulfills the salt requirements of the country as it is the second largest salt mine of the world. readmore  Read More →

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National Museum Karachi: National Museum of Pakistan

Established on April 17, 1950 National Museum of Pakistan, is the largest museum of Pakistan. It was established in the place of the defunct Victoria Museum which was built in the Free Hall. NMK has a collection of 58,000 old coins (some dating from 74 Al-Hijra), and hundreds of well preserved sculptures.... readmore

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Punjab: Richest Province of Pakistan

Punjab is the richest province of Pakistan among the all four provinces. The province of Punjab contributes the most in the GDP of Pakistan. Its contribution ranges from 52.1% to 64.5% in the Service Sector and 56.1% to 61.5% in the Agriculture Sector in the overall income of the country. The per capita... readmore

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Alqueva Dam: Largest Dam in Europe

The Alqueva dam is the largest dam in the Europe which was built on Guadiana river in Portugal. The Alqueva dam is situated in Alentejo city and it created Europe’s largest artificial lake which is 250 square kilometers long. The dam was opened in 2002, for saving the water. It is also the largest... readmore

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