Q: What is the Antonym or Opposite word of Recede?

  • Recede
  • General Meaning Fall back, Retreat, Withdraw
    Usage This is a verb, specifically used in circumstances where a person or object is falling back or retreating from its previous position. It cannot be used when something or someone is advancing.
  • Antonym 1 Advance
    Meaning 1 To move away from a point
    Sentence 1 By early morning, the sound of aerial bombings receded into the distance.
  • Antonym 2 Progress
    Meaning 2 Become gradually weaker or smaller
    Sentence 2 The steps taken by the bank officials have receded the chances of its liquidation.
  • Antonym 3 Pass on
    Meaning 3 Abate
    Sentence 3 Police is after the suspect, who has green eyes, short built and receding hairline.


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