Q: What is the Antonym or Opposite word of Redolent?

  • Redolent
  • General Meaning Having a pleasant fragrance, Sweet smell, Suggestive, Reminiscent
    Usage This adjective can be used for the identification of some scent or fragrance of some aromatic object. It can also be used in a suggestive manner to someone or making someone think about the things mentioned.
  • Antonym 1 Stinking
    Meaning 1 Aromatic
    Sentence 1 My grandmother’s kitchen is redolent with the aroma of cake baking.
  • Antonym 2 Unpleasant-smelling
    Meaning 2 Perfumed
    Sentence 2 The smell of the roses was redolent so I decided to quickly remove them from my room.
  • Antonym 3 Unmindful
    Meaning 3 Mindful
    Sentence 3 The exhibition is comprised of 200 pictures but one picture is redolent of 19th century.
  • Antonym 4 Unexpressive
    Meaning 4 Expressive
    Sentence 4 Anwar Maqsood wrote a play which was redolent like that of Shakespeare’s Mcbeth.


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