Q: What is the Antonym or Opposite word of Sage?

  • Sage
  • General Meaning Wisdom, Thinker, Philosopher
    Usage Sage is used as a noun for a wise person and it is also used as an adjective for a process or decision which is marked by Wisdom or Calm judgement. The word is also used in positive situations.
  • Antonym 1 Fool, brainless
    Meaning 1 Able to think with cool and calm mind, a wise or an educated person.
    Sentence 1 He had done this work with sage; otherwise it would have been a disaster.
  • Antonym 2 Unwise, dull
    Meaning 2 Having wisdom that comes with maturity.
    Sentence 2 My father’s sage advice helped me complete my task in time.


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