Q: What is the Antonym or Opposite word of Scold?

  • Scold
  • General Meaning To harshly criticize or lashing about something, to show complete dissatisfaction about something or someone
    Usage Scold can be used in such circumstances where a person is not happy about something or someone. It cannot be used in scenarios where a person shows complete satisfaction towards something.
  • Antonym 1 Praise
    Meaning 1 To show disliking about something
    Sentence 1 She got a scolding from her mother for not telling the truth.
  • Antonym 2 Commend
    Meaning 2 To show displeasure about something
    Sentence 2 Teacher scolded the students for coming late.
  • Antonym 3 Satisfied
    Meaning 3 To rebuke someone or something
    Sentence 3 Late passengers were scolded by airline officials.


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