Romanticism is experienced at the peak after marriage. Couples from all over the world like to make this period as the most memorable one which would leave unscratchable memories on their mind. The best tourists sites for honeymoon are enlisted here with their cause of fame and popularity.

Norwegian Fjords: The Best Honeymoon Destination

Norwegian Fjords Pictures

Honeymooners will truly enjoy the magnificence and untouched beautiful masterpieces of nature in Norwegian Fjords. Once you plunge into the beauty of the Norwegian Fjords, their timeless charm and extravagant grandeur will leave you wanting for more. There is something magical about this natural place that passes on to those who visit. It also seems ironic why such staggering beauties are often forgotten!. The sublimity of nature will leave you surprised and new couples will enjoy this travel destination to the maximum.

Bora Bora Island, Tahiti: Excellent Travel Resort

Bora Bora Island Tahiti

A romantic honeymoon destination can be largely based on the couple’s taste, however there is a tendency forBora Bora Islands to spring to mind when talking of romance. The facilities here are of top notch coupled with complete privacy and nature at its unadulterated best. The adventurous sports and various water activities along with world class spas, there is always so much to enjoy around here. The majesty of Tahiti offers unending exploration of lagoon through snorkeling, diving, cruise sailing and sailboat travel. The newly wed couples can also luxuriate from shopping and spending a night in hotels.

Costa Rica: The Best Honeymoon Trip Site

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great spot for new couples. It’s very popular for its zip line tours. One of the highlights of a honeymoon trip to Costa Rica is a visit to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. This mountainside jungle will probably be one of the greenest things you have every seen. There are also opportunities to view all kinds of animals. The beauty of this North American traveling place will leave deep and unscratched memories on your mind which will make it an unforgettable trip of your life.

Thailand: Romantic Place For Couples


Thailand is unmatched with it’s truly inspirational scenery and sunsets. One of the ever popular travel destinations is Tongsa Bay Thailand. Thailand is also attractive for its beaches, most notably on the Island of Phuket. Other popular places of Thailand are Bangkok, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi, Khao Lak, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Koh Chang and Chiang Mai. Thailand is a site which is rich of  scenic and cultural treasures together with natural elegance for romantic bride and groom.

Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand

New Zealand Kauri Cliffs

Not many places in the world offer such stunning scenery at every vista, every turn in the highway, and every rising peak. If countryside and castles are your idea of romance, then New Zealand might be a perfect honeymoon destination. Enjoy the nightlife and then relax in the beauty of morning and picturesque scenery of New Zealand. In short, it is a cool destination for honeymoon travellers after marriage.

Hawaii: Excellent Honeymoon Resort


Hawaii with long sandy beaches, intimate dinners, midnight picnics and couples massages, its easy to understand why Hawaii is one the top ten. There is simply no other place like Hawaii on the planet whether you are going on a honeymoon or otherwise, it will never disappoint you. Maui Island in Hawaii is the most romantic destination. White sand beaches underneath the expanse of cool clouds appeal to the sight of romantic eyes of bride and groom. Get pampered in world’s most luxurious accommodations and take back life long memories with you.

Kashmir (India And Pakistan): Heaven On Earth


This amazing valley really does exude a special atmosphere, that renders it romantic no matter if the weather is cold, dull and rainy. Many have dubbed it as “Heaven On Earth” and for good reason too. While regional tensions and terrorism have kept Kashmir largely off of the tourism map, with peace being largely restored to this hypnotic Himalayan Valley, it is hard resisting a trip into its very heart. The pristine beauty of the crystal clear waters is really bewitching. The valley of Kashmir can brighten your honeymood trip and make it a great experience for life.

Las Vegas (USA): A Great Urban Travel Trip Site

Las Vegas

There are top-notch hotels in Las Vegas and romantic fervor is seen throughout Las regas which blooms at night. So it becomes an ideal resort for honeymoon. The city lights sparkle at night to welcome the young and the old alike to the charms of the clubs and bars. The place offers a nice blend of fine dining, recreation and accommodation. One must love to travel for the urban destination of America for honeymoon holidays.

Mauritius: The Island Honeymoon Travel Holiday Resort


Mauritius is a marvelous honeymoon destination with sun kissed white sand beaches. It is a land with spectacular scenery. Mauritius a dream destination which attracts a number of tourists from all over the world. Beautiful mountains take your heart away. The sensual waters of the Indian Ocean in different hues and colors ignite the romantic fire in you and your beloved.

The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Island

A surprisingly popular destination for honeymoon is the Caribbean Islands. You must be thinking, I have gone nuts, again I have picked Islands. The reason is its attractive atmosphere coupled with tranquility and calmness which is enough to make you romantic. Have a meal in one of the rooftop restaurants with a breeze to cool you down while you sip on some ice-cold wine.

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