Car accidents are fatal on the motorway because of high speed, bad weather conditions and wrong observation. Most car accidents occur in America. Major reasons of car accidents on the motorway are following.

1: Drive with normal speed within your limits and visibility. Fog can cause problems for the drivers mainly because landmarks disappear. We often underestimate our speed so speedometer should be used to check and control your speed. Because it is always risky to drive at a greater speed if it is out of proportion to visibility. Similarly, during rain the grip of tyres on the road decreases and the chances of accidents are greater. So, it is necessary to drive slowly in order to remain safe. Secondly, it is better not to overtake in a hurry. Snow and ice plays the same role. So, same tips are useful for this situation as well.

2: If we drive too close behind the other vehicles than there may be collision in any emergency. It is better to leave a gap of at least one meter per every mph (meter per hour). We should double this distance if there the weather is wet or icy.

3: The driver should be better aware about the situation behind as in front. So, use the rear-view mirrors to keep an eye on the situation. Always double check the view behind before changing lanes. Take special care of the traffic which is hidden in the rear quarters of the car.

4: Don’t drive on the motorway if you are drunk or you have used any medicine which has slowed down the working of your mind. In America thousands of people are apprehended annually on the charges of driving while drunk.

Car Accident

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