Chevrolet is a brand with its name and repute in the world since 1911. Chevrolet offers all of its product in North America but it also offers some of its best cars in other countries of the world as well. Chevrolet is best known for its economical vehicles which are especially designed for the middle class people who cannot afford expensive luxury cars. Chevy has following cars which are the best cars of 2011.

Chevrolet Aveo is basic four door sedan car of company which is very good alternative for expensive luxury sedans of other competitors like Toyota and Honda. The plus point of Chevrolet Aveo is its affordable price and low maintenance costs.
Chevrolet Aveo U-VA is hatchback car with attractive design. It has sporty looks and also very spacious interior. Again the best thing about Chevrolet Aveo is its low price and fuel efficiency. This car is especially designed for huge middle class of India.
Chevrolet Beat is amazing hatchback car which was introduced in 2007. This two door car has sporty looks and latest technological features. Now with Chevrolet Beat you can enjoy the ride of sports car in very low price. Chevrolet Beat is especially designed for young people and students.
Chevrolet Captiva is expensive but luxury SUV of company. Its sporty looks and aggressive design makes it one of the best SUV in Indian auto market. The distinguishable features of Chevrolet Captiva are its amazing fuel efficiency and perfect handling. No doubt Chevrolet Captiva is not only the most anticipated SUV of Chevrolet in year 2011 but also in the local Indian market.
Chevrolet Cruze is excellent four door sedan car with stunning looks. First look at Chevrolet Cruze makes you believe that it is very expensive super luxury sedan car. This executive car is blend of performance, style and comfort. Chevrolet Cruze is top car of company for year 2011.
Chevrolet Spark is very compact and stylish hatchback which is also one of the cheapest hatchbacks available in the Indian auto market. Chevrolet is optimistic about the success of Chevrolet spark in year 2011 and this is top car of company.
Chevrolet Tavera is reasonable MUV with passenger capacity of 10 and sturdy looks. Due to its stat of the art technology and powerful engine this is best off-road MUV and for that reason also one of the top vehicles of Chevrolet in year 2011.
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