Baikal Lake:

Not only the deepest lake in the world but also the also the oldest fresh water lake, The Baikal, is the second most voluminous lake in the world. Its average depth is 744.4 meters. It is estimated that it contains 20% of world’s fresh water.  Known as “Pearl of Siberia” lake Baikal is  located in Siberian region near the city  of “Irkutsh”. Another unique fact about the lake is that it nourishes 1700 species of plants and animals and 1100 out of them are not found anywhere else in the world. Certainly it impresses the viewer by its natural beauty, location and size. Its greatest depth is 5,371 ft.

Lake Baikal Photo

Tanganyika Lake:

Enchanting and magic throwing Lake Tanganyika is situated in African Great Rift Valley. It looks more beautiful owing to be confined by mountainous surroundings. It is 2nd deepest fresh water lake of world, while considering Africa, it is the deepest lake of African continent and the longest one also. Its length extends for 673 km in north south and its width comprise on 50 km. The maximum depth of this second deepest lake is 1470 meters (4825 ft).

Lake Tanganyika Picture

Malvi Lake:

Lake Malvi is the third deepest fresh water lake of the world as the greatest depth of lake is about 2316 ft. It is also the third largest in Africa and 8th largest in the world. Also known as Lake Nyassa, this beautiful and spell awarded lake lies south most area of Great Rift Valley between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. The length consists of 580 km and with extends for 75 km. The area of lake is 29,600 sq. km approximately.

Lake Malawi Picture

Great Slave Lake:

On of the most attractive lakes of North America, Great Slave Lake is the fourth deepest lake on the earth. It is also the second largest lake of Canada. It is deepest fresh water lake in North America. It covers the area of 27200 km2 in southern territorial parts  of Canada. Its beauty lies in the ice floating on the surface water. It is ranked as 10th largest lake in the world. River Hay and river Slave are the main tributaries of the lake.

Great Slave Lake Picture

Matano Lake:

The fifth deepest great fresh water lake ‘Matano’ also known as “Matana” is a natural lake in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lake Matano is deepest Lake of Indonesia. This lake is famous for being home of endemic fishes and several plant. The interesting thing about the fishes as that they are considered the part of those living in the lakes of great sift valley of Africa. Lake Matano is on the remote location of country, but it is keenly visited by many tourists. The greatest depth of Lake Matana is about 1936 ft.

Matano Lake Photo

Crater Lake:

Famous for its beautiful blue colour and transparent water, Crater Lake is located in Oregon, USA. The lake is very old and aroused by the collapse of volcano ‘Mount Mozam’. It is also known as ‘Blue Lake’ and ‘Lake Majesty’. Lake is also famous for a huge tree in the center of the lake which is old more then a century. Its length comprise 5 to 6 miles, greatest depth is 1932 ft. The depth fluctuated with environmental changes. The lake is propounded by hills which award it attracting scenes of beauty.

Carter Lake Pictures

Toba Lake:

Larger Island and tall mountains surrounds the largest lake in South East Asia, the Toba Lake. It is situated in Sumatra, Indonesia. The lake seems glittering while descending from nearer mountains. The magnificent lake is remarkably mind freshing and soul soothing. Originally, Toba is not only famous for its beauty but also for the status of volcanic lake. It is 100 km long and 30 km wide with greatest depth of 1,666 ft.

Toba Lake Picture

Hornindals Lake:

The deepest fresh water lake of Europe Hornindals is situated in Hornindals municipality of Norway. Mountainous lines surrounding the lakes hornindals are hornindals Stoken Mountains, Gulkoppen Mountains and Middagfjellet mountains. Its maximum depth is 1686 ft approximately. The area covered by lake is 1916 km2. Glaciers near the lake contribute very special green blue and dark shades to the surroundings. The route towards lake is full of churches and hotels.

Hornindals Lake Picture

Sarez Lake:

Surrounded by the bared top mountains, Sarez Lake is situated in Tajikistan. Its length is about 55.8 km. The depth of lakes extends to 1657 ft inward. It is considered a newly made natural lake as it formed in 1911 because of a great earth quake owing to the blockade of Murghab River by a great land slide. The surrounding mountains are also known as Pamir Mountains. The apparent beauty of natural scenery attracts tourist while its unique formation appeals geologists.

Sarez Lake Picture

Tahoe Lake:

Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of the U.S in California, is a remarkable sight for tourists. It is originally located along the border of California and Nevada. The maximum depth of the lake Tahoe, is 1645 feet. It is counted as largest alpine lake in North America. Mostly tourists come across the lake in summer season. Majestic casinos are located near lake receives a larger part of annual precipitation. The native towns are inhabitated by ‘Washoe’ tribes. Silver and gold under-soil stocks are under discovery in this lake.

Lake Tahoe Picture

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