Earth, human beings, small as well as large creatures rely heavily on trees. We have noticed that large number of developing countries carry out deforestation for different purposes. But there is a common perception that deforestation is harmful for our eco-system but the scientist say that it is somewhat beneficial too. The process of deforestation possesses both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Deforestation

The first benefit is that, as a result of deforestation, communities are being able to set up their homes. It is the need of the social groups now, this is the major reason which is causing deforestation now a days. Forests have now been transformed into offices, buildings and residential areas. As transportation is also prerequisite to grow businesses so governments have now started building up the roads in order to expand this sector by clearing the forests.

Another advantage of deforestation is that you can convert a forest land into an agricultural land. In order to have massive food production, deforestation might help you in this regard. From the economic point of view, deforestation results in many positive aspects allowing individuals to bring optimistic approach into their lives by earning huge revenue by growing food related items.

Disadvantages of Deforestation

Deforestation results in some negative consequences too. When you will clear out the forest, then this vacant land will be exposed to severe heat sun rays thus making the land to lose its vegetation and productivity. This bare soil hence loses its ability to get done with intense food production. Longer the land remains vacant and bare; it will sooner drop off its nutritional factor. The soil will no longer remain rich and fertile if the deforestation results.

Flooding also results due to deforestation. As we all know that trees absorbs water and do not allow the water to enter into the water sheds. Due to the presence of trees, water gets managed up in a good way. On the other hand, the absence of trees might result into some drastic consequences.

During the last decade the earth temperature is rising gradually. This process is known as Global Warming and the results of this phenomenon are huge for whole humanity. The depletion of ozone layer, the disturbance of ecosystem and the loosing of land fertility are the direct results of deforestation.

Researchers have shown that the lands which go through the process of deforestation slowly and gradually lose their fertility while being unable to carry on agricultural activities. As soon as the trees gets started cutting off, the subjected land loses its arability and productivity. Deforestation results in the dislocation of local communities too. We have seen that government neglect local and indigenous communities and thus settle down the civilized communities only. Finally we have the last negative consequence of deforestation. Many plants get extinct and the concerned area losses its biodiversity. Destruction of large number of plants, extinction of many animal species, undiscovered benefits- all these are the results of deforestation.

Deforestation results in some severe consequences and outcomes though it has some positive benefits too. One should keep in mind the negative aspects of deforestation so that you might be able to better comprehend that what actually deforestation results. To retain the fertility of your soil, to have massive food production, to increase the agricultural and production activities- one should try to avoid the activity of deforestation.

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