Effects of deforestation are a major cause, which is resulting in problems for wildlife and different natural habitats of wild animals and plants making them go near extinction day by day. According to an estimate, more than seventy percent of different types of plants and animal species live in forests. As a result, of deforestation many of them would be extinct in the near future.

Deforestation is a process, which involves elimination of forests and trees for commercial use and land clearance. Forests are natural covers of earth against different natural hazards because they produce oxygen, which is the basic ingredient of the ozone layer, and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from atmosphere. Removal of trees from earth allows harmful radiations from the sun to meet earth resulting in severe harm to living tissues and causing skin diseases.

Global warming is also the result of deforestation to a large extent. As the sun rays enter the earth they are mostly utilized by the flora and fauna but because of the depleting forests, these rays are not utilized and for this reason the deforestation causes global warming.

Desertification also cause flash floods as the trees resist to the flood water but in case of deforestation the hurdle for flood water is removed making it more speedy and damaging. Drought and irradiation are also some harmful effects of deforestation. Trees are very beneficial for all living organisms. Food and shelter is provided by tress to different species of birds and animals. Carbon recycling is also advantage of trees as they help to convert carbon in to its simple components. Trees are major source of environment protection as they clean our atmosphere, decrease temperature and increase rainfall. But wiping out the trees put adverse effects on ecosystem, creating environmental problems for the human beings.


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