The most popular medical microbiologist of France -Louis Pasteur- discovered rabies vaccination. Louis Pasteur not only invented the vaccine of Rabies but also invented the vaccine for anthrax. Being one of the inventors of medical microbiology, he worked on the causes and prevention of different disease for which he is still popular in this field. Several colleges and universities have been named after him in different parts of the world to show honor for his work.

Rabies is a fatal disease which is caused by Virus and it is transmitted from one animal to the other. Normally, dogs are infected from this disease and a dog bite can transmit this disease to the humans. The patient suffering from rabies, can’t survive if vaccination is not undertaken in time. The virus tries to reach the brain through nerve cells, one the virus reaches the nerve cells the symptoms begin to appear and after reaching the mind, the disease becomes incurable.

Anthrax is bacterial disease which can also be lethal. This disease can also be spread in animals as well as humans.

Louis Pasteur Picture


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