A belt of calm and light variable winds near the Equator is called Doldrums. It is also known as low pressure zone, where winds disappear for number of days or weeks. This is a strange phenomenon that occurs near equator and this phenomenon is either calm & peaceful or stormy. The Doldrums affect the areas of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean that are within the zone.

This term “doldrums” was derived from archaic term; dold meaning stupid, unsure or dull and rums was used as a suffix, during 18th century when voyage through these regions became very common. Doldrums is the common term while its scientific name is Intertropical Convergence Zone or Equatorial Convergence Zone.

There are several reasons of existence of this climatic condition such as trade winds that arise or come from north and south of the equator and converge there. The air heats up due to sun and as a result it moves upwards instead of blowing on the earth’s or ocean’s surface. This situation refers to calm and peaceful phenomenon. Sometime, the results can be different and this can even cause hurricanes.

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