Tasmanian Wolf is an extinct animal of marsupial. It is the first in the extinct animals list and it resembles with wolf and dog but it is neither a wolf nor a dog. It was extinct almost sixty five years ago when the Tasmanians started to make their land cultivable for human needs. Different animals preserving organizations are trying to find a pair of this unique type of carnivore to save its existence on the earth. The first mammal in the endangered animals top ten 10 list.
Halcan Fruit Bat lives mostly in the tropical parts of the world.  They are almost extinct and their presence is not seen in the recent times. Other forms of fruit eating bats except Halcon bats can be found on the earth. Mostly fruit bats show high mobility as they can travel for more than 30 miles in search of food.
Ghana Fat Mouse is a species of rodents family. As obvious from its name, it is the fatter mouse and mostly found in African countries. But the fat mouse family in Ghana is extinct now. Other species of this family can also be found in Sub-tropical regions of the world. This is the third animal family in the extinct animals list.
Javan Rhinoceros are one of the heaviest terrestrial animals on earth. Their habitat is Tropical and Subtropical moist broad leaf forests of South East Asia. Javan Rhinoceros are under deep threat of extinction and only 48 animals are left behind.  These heavy animals weigh around weighs 1500 – 2000 kg. Lifespan of these animals is about 35 to 40 years.
Iriomote Cat are the most rare species of cats family. They are found only on Iriomote island of Japan. Approximately, 60 cats are alive on this planet of earth. It has a deep resemblance with Leopard Cat and it is also a beautiful species of cat family. It has a small body.
Black Lion Tamarin are found only in Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. One of the most endangered mammal on earth, Lion Tamarin is also called the golden-rumped lion tamarin. Only 160 animal species are alive on the earth.
Pygmy Hog is the smallest pig of the world. Initially, it was found in different countries of Asia like Bhutan, India and Nepal. Now, they are almost extinct and only a few of them are found in India. Only 50 pygmy hogs are alive in India. The decline of their population is because of modification and elimination of its limited habitat by human settlement, agricultural encroachment etc.
Kouprey is the world’s rarest mammal. It is a forest ox weighing 680 – 910 kg. It inhabits low, rolling hills, covered by open country interrupted with patches of dry forest and adjacent to denser monsoon forest. They are found in eastern Asia like Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.
Tamaraw is a small wild buffalo and only 30 Tamaraws are alive in the world. They are mostly found on island of Mindoro (Philippines). They are strong powerful animals who can push through the dense forest and climb the steep mountains. The reason of tamaraw’s decline is hunting specially after Vietnam war.
Indus Dolphin is found mainly in Indus river of Pakistan. They live in deep waters of the river and feed mainly on several fishes and invertebrates. These marine animals are disappearing fast because of lowering of water level in river Indus. They are also famous as blind dolphins because there is no lens in its eye.
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