Air blue flight ED202—the most advanced form of jet, equipped with the newest technology—was flying from Karachi to the capital, Islamabad when it collided with a forested hillside amid moon soon rains and low clouds. Air blue said the A 321 single-aisle jet was 10 yeas old and was leased 4 years ago, in 2006 to Air Blue which is Pakistan’s second biggest carrier by market shares.
This airjet crash tormented 152 families by clutching their sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, mothers or wives in a few second accident. The second most horrible plane crash in the history of Pakistan left a number of echoes behind the scene, people are of different point of view about it. The Airjet crash, according to one group, was an act of Taliban. The Pilot of the plane, they argue, was a beard man and probably have some ties with Al-Qaeda or Taliban. This is just an argument because the solid proof is not available. The recording of Black Box would clarify the truth about this rumour thrown by one aviation expert. Some other people of the same field argued that plane flew from Karachi, was sure to land on Gojar Khan near Benazir Bhutto international airport but the ATC directed the pilot to keep the “miscalculation procedure” on by circling the plane 30 to 12 from the satellite town. But the pilot mistakenly took a longer circle which resulted in a dire crash.
Airlines often compelled the plane-drivers not to deviate from the given route, though a substitute plan for a flight is always there in case of any emergency or when plane fails to land on its prescribed destination. In case of any alarming situation, the pilot is given a free hand to land with a minimum loss. But this crash of Air blue jet is not seems to be an accident because of “miscalculation procedure”.
A conservative group of experts claims that the Air blue jet was hijacked by some “Black Water” employees. They wanted to go for attacking the nuclear plant sites of Pakistan and the security forces of Pakistan fired the jet with air-gun. But the officials are negating this claim. “The plane crash was just a mistake of the pilot” the interior minister of Pakistan Stated. These arguments and counterargument show that the negligence of the pilot and the air-port-concerned staff, is the core reason behind the Airblue jet crash. But, technically it is quite unbelievable because the jets of Airblue have a piece of special machine which alarmed the cock-pit 1200 meter before the strike, in case of any obstacle in the way of the plane’s flight zone. And airbus said “The plane had no technical fault”. It means the rumour of pilot’s mistake or miscalculation procedure is a likely story.
Another reason may be the laziness instead of negligence of the pilot. Pilot was of 64 years. He was an experienced but old man. He was an ex-pilot of PIA and has joined Airblue in 2006. The physical fitness, alertness, at that age and monitoring and performance can be doubted because at the age of 64, normally people do not work. In this regard Airblue argues that the physical fitness of the pilot was 100% combatable with the requirements.
Weather analysts say that “cumulonimbus cloud” caused crash. Such clouds are carries of “thunder” storms with down draft which cause “flash floods” when rain-water comes down with high pressure it becomes extremely vulnerable for flying objects like planes. In this situation there is no chance of successful escape without a miracle.

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