FAO acronym is “The Food and Agriculture Organization”. It is a specialized organ of the United Nations. FAO was established on 16th October, 1945 in Canada. Later on, the headquarters was shifted from Washington D.C to Rome, the capital of Italy. FAO is dealing internationally to reduce hunger from the world. “Fiat Panis” is it Latin slogan, which means “Let there be bread”. As the slogan says, this organization is striving to eliminate global hunger.

Both developing and developed countries are facilitating from this organization. The major goals of FAO are to help the associated countries regarding improvement in agriculture, proper nutrition, forestry, food security and fisheries etc because the world is facing severe food crisis. FAO collaborated with UN to solve the global food crisis. As a result of which, they have proposed a plan and carried out this idea in 25 countries. Apart from this, they helped the governments of the effected states through Early Warning System regarding Food and Agriculture. They have also helped in increasing the food production and the investment on agriculture. Along with the associate members, FAO has 191 members.

Food and Agriculture Organization

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