For centuries Italy has been popular for its exquisite tourist attractions and rich culture. Thousands of visitors desire to reach this stupendouly beautiful place on earth every year. They enjoy delicious fast food, attractive historical places, romantic and serene natural scenes and rich art. Here are some of the must see places of Italy to be visited by the tourists.

Naples:- Naples holds many historical and artistic treasures. It is one of Italy’s most vibrant cities. It lies on the coast south of Rome and is the most important city in southern Italy. You will find lots of useful information about life and culture in Naples; history, art, food and drink, shopping, events, historical shops and coffee shops, restaurants and hotels in Naples. The royal gardens of Naples are full of tree-lined avenues, shaded by magnolias and Holm oak trees, with rare plants, statues and “secret gardens”.
Milan:- If Rome represents the “old” Italy, Milan represents the “New” Italy. Milan is the most modern of all Italian cities, and it still keeps most of its past history intact. Milan is also the world capital of furniture and home wares. Train Journey Takes you along one of the most beautiful railway routs in the world which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Along the way you will pass wild gorges and shooting through loop tunnels.
Umbria:- One thing everyone remembers about Umbria is its wonderful little hill towns. Montefalco, also known as the Balcony on Umbria. In tourist literature one sometimes sees Umbria called the green heart of Italy. One of Italy’s most renowned restaurants is in a little town in Umbria, which also features a wine museum and an celebrated winery. There even a lovely country inn where you can spend the night.
Pisa:- When people think of Pisa they usually think of the leading tower, but Pisa has many interesting sights and attractions. Pisa is famed within Italy for its university, and much of the real essence of the city can be tapped by spending some time around the river banks where the students congregate. It’s a reflection of a vital, energetic city that’s far from just the site of a world-famous landmark.
Tuscany:- Tuscany, with its spectacular hill towns and scenery, is one of Italy’s  top vacation destinations. Tuscany’s travel attractions include historic cities and art, great wine and food, medieval hill towns, beaches, and beautiful countryside. Tuscany’s coast are characterized by clean water, interesting villages, and its famous marble production.
Sicily:- Sicily’s sunny, dry climate, scenery and architecture attract many tourists from mainland Italy and abroad. The visit season peaks in summer months, although people visit the island all year round. Taormine is a very popular tourist destination of Sicily. Cappella Palatina is the most representative religious buildings for Sicilian culture. In the modern day, the city is listed by UNESCO as a world Heritage site.
Perugia:- Perugia is in the center of Italy and is the capital of the region of Umbria. It is most visited city and home to two famous universities. It’s a walled city on a hilltop with great views over the valley and has several important monuments and a good central square. Perugia is a notable artistic center of Italy.
Florence:- Florence is in Tuscany. It is one of the most important visiting place and unique art centers. Its Duomo and Baptistery are magnificent but crowded with tourists as is their large piazza. Florence has several interesting museums with many famous paintings and sciptures. There are also Medical places and most beautiful natural gardens.
Rome:- Rome is one of world’s most visited place. Rome is a romantic place for honey-moon, favorite holiday destination, and city of fashion. Rome is also the capital of modern Italy. Modern Rome is a bustling and lively city and has some excellent restaurants and nightlife. Rome is full of history everywhere you look.
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