Worms which are commonly known as earthworms, are the invertebrates (animals without backbone). Giant earthworms are found in Australian continent and they are the largest earthworms in the world. Worms contribute to the fertility of the soil by creating holes in it. The rain water can reach the roots of the plants through these holes, making the soil more fertile and alluvial. Giant Australian earthworms are facing a threat of extinction because of different agricultural and colonization reasons.

As we described earlier that Giant Australian earthworms are the largest earthworms in the world. Giant Gippsland earthworm is one of the kind of these largest earthworms on the globe. The average length of this species of earthworms vary around 1 meter but they can reach a maximum length of 3 meters. There are almost 1000 earthworms species in Australia and Giant earthworms are the unique creature because of their size and weight. Earthworms normally live in under earth and they eat soil as they burrow. After 5 years, a giant earthworm reaches maturity and start laying eggs. They lay eggs in large numbers while they normally breed in warmer months of the year. In Australia, the researchers have built controlled environment to protect the endangered species of earthworms.

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