Oil or Black Gold has become the most important source of energy in the world. The usage of oil is increasing day by day as the population is increasing daily. The consumption of oil in the world is 99566882 billion barrel per day till 2009. United States is the largest oil consuming country in the world. Here is the list of names of top ten biggest oil consuming countries in the world.

United States:- Daily oil consumption in USA is 19.8 million bbl(billion  barrel) per day. It may be a surprise to know that according to the 2009 facts, US is the number one oil consuming country with fifty-five percent of the oil it produces from her own domestic reserves. Forty percent of the oil used in America is used to power personal vehicles, 70% if you include trucks.
China:- China is the world’s second largest oil consuming country with 7.8 million bbl/day. In 2007, it imported 145 million tons of crude oil, accounting for 47% of its total oil consumption. Three state-owned oil companies- Sinopec, CNPC and CNPPC, dominate its domestic market. The Chinese government has already set tougher emission standards on automobiles than most countries including the U.S.
Japan:- Japan ranked third word’s oil consuming country with oil consumption of 4.6 million bbl/day. Japan leads the pack in innovation and best use of energy. Having few natural resources the whole nation is obsessed with energy conservation. It is also the world’s fourth largest exporter and fifth largest importer of different manufactured and non-manufactured products.
Russia:- Russia is the Fourth world’s largest oil consuming country with 2.8 million bbl/day. Russia is the one of the top five states who produces more than its uses. Russia is also known as an energy superpower of the top five consumers of oil, the Unties State, China, Japan, Russia and Germany. Out of these five only Russia has enuogh domestic resources to meet its needs.
India:- India is the fifth largest oil consuming country with 2.67 million bbl/day. The combination of oil consumption and relatively flat production has left India increasingly dependent on imports to meet its petroleum demand. In terms of oil use, transportation is the largest sector with highest consumption.
Germany:- Germany is the world’s sixth largest oil consuming country with 2.569 million bbl/day consumption. In 2008, it consumed energy from the following sources: oil (34.8%) and natural Gas (22.1%). Germany is one of the largest exporter of goods in the world and it comsumes a lots of oil in industrial sector.
Brazil:- Brazil is the world’s seventh oil consuming country with 2.52 million bbl/day. It is the world’s largest oil consumer with much of its energy coming from renewable sources, which is mainly produced from oil and natural gas. It is expected to become a major oil producer and exporter, having made huge oil discoveries recently.
Saudi Arabia:- Saudi Arabia is the world’s eighth largest oil consumer with 3.38 million bbl/day oil consumption. Saudi Arabia’s economy is petroleum-based, roughly 75% of budget revenues and 90% of export earnings come from the oil industry. Saudi Arabia is also the largest exporter of petroleum in the world.
Canada:- Canada is the ninth world’s largest oil consumer with a cosumption of 2.26 million bbl/day. Canada is one of the few developed nations that are net exporters of energy. Canada is one of the world’s largest suppliers of agricultural products.
Korea, South:- Korea is the tenth world’s oil consuming nation with total consumption of oil 2.175 million bbl/day. It is also Asia’s largest oil exporter and have the world’s largest oil refinery owned by SK energy. South Korea is the world sixth largest nuclear power producer and the second in Asia. It’s mostly oil consumption in transport sector.
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