The Panama is the biggest Isthmus in the world and it is a small piece of land making a connection between North and South America. The Panama Isthmus streams between Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The total area of this biggest isthmus is 75,517 km2. There are some amazing facts about the Panama Isthmus that when it came into existence approximately three million years before, it caused the separation of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This separation also resulted in the gulf stream creation. If the event of creation of Panama Isthmus had not happened, the earth would not be similar to the present condition. The event has a great role in the present environment and climate of the world. Due to the Panama Isthmus, lots of animals migrated from South America through Bering Land Bridge and colonized with the species of North America. If the Panama Isthmus had not happened, the two oceans would be the same today. The Ice Age would be so different and in every winter season, Northwestern Europe would have faced a cold temperature that would have frozen everything.

Panama View

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