Poorest County in the World

Two methods are used to determine which is the richest or the poorest country in the world. One is called GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which tells us about the size of economy of a country. This method is not effective for comparing the economies of different countries as it takes into consideration the international exchange rates and it is also expressed in the country’s own currency. If anyone wants to get knowledge about the poorest country of the world, they should go for GDP at purchasing power parity method. GDP (PPP) considers the two indexes i.e. cost of living and inflation rates of a country and it is the most preferred method to indicate whether a country falls in the list of top ten poorest countries in the world or not.
Here we are providing a list of poorest countries of the world based on GDP (PPP). The data forecasts for 2011 annual figures of GDP (PPP) is researched from cia.gov and following countries are declared as poorest of all. This data is applicable till the end of 2012.

No. Flags Country GDP Per Capita ($) Continent

Congo 400 Africa

Liberia 500 Africa

Zimbabwe 500 Africa

Burundi 600 Africa

Somalia 600 Africa
6. Eritrea 700 Africa

Niger 800 Africa
8. Central African Republic 800 Africa

Madagascar 900 Africa
10.   Malawi 900 Africa

For the past few years, these countries are changing their positions in this list and especially the top five poorest countries remains the same. For example Congo is always among top three and Zimbabwe and Liberia also have weak economies for a long time which keeps them ahead in the list. They should struggle hard to make strong economical position and exclude themselves from this list.

March 6, 2010 | Mohsin Ali | 7 Comments | 399 views