Rare birds are those which are becoming extinct gradually due to ecological and other reasons. Here is the list of top ten rarest birds in which Spix Macaw tops the list.

Spix’s Macaw is found in Brazil. It is unique type of parriot which is very rare and near to extinction. It is non-existent in the wild and can only be found in different Societies for wild life preservation. This bird only makes nest on a particular type of tree named as Caraibeira which grows only in Brazil. This species was discovered by a German Naturalist Johan Bapist Von Spix in 1817
Cebu Flower pecker: This small bird in only inhabitant of Cebu Island of The Philippines. This species is in extreme danger of extinction and their total population is only about 100 birds. In the beginning of 20th Century it was believed to be extinct but it was again discovered in Cebu Island in 1992.
Hawaiian Crow: A very rare type of crow which inhabitates in the Hawaii Island. It is now extinct in wild and only around 56 birds are present in San Diego Zoo. It feeds on eggs, insects and minor carrion. In ancient Hawaiin society it was considered as Family God. Alala is the native name of Hawaiin Crow.
Black Stilt: This long and thin leged bird is only found in New Zealand. It is extremly rare and in severe danger of extinction. In 1994 there were 119 birds of this kind but today there are only 25 adult birds. This bird is inhabitant of particular type of river bed and due to construction of dams this praticular type of river bed is vanished.
Katovar or Maritious Parakeet or Echo Parakeet is found in South Indian Ocean Islands near Madagascar. It is not critically endangered but still they are facing danger of extinction. In 1980 there were only 10 birds of this kind but today their populatin is about 300 birds.
Imperial Amazon or Imperial Parrot or Dominicon Amazon or August Amazon or Sisserou is national bird of Carrabian Nation Dominica. This beautiful and multi-colored parrot can only be found in Dominica and they are under a threat of its extinction. Currently their total population is only about 250 Birds.
Magpie robin: This is a small bird with long tail. It is a beautiful blue coloured bird which is found in African and Asian continents. It has many types and each type is different from other. If feeds on insects and small fruits. There is a severs threat of extinction to it and it is non-existant in the wild.
Kakapo or Owl Parrot is native bird of New Zealand. Its species is in critical danger of extinction and today their population is about only 125 birds. It feeds on plants, seeds, fruits and pollens. This bird cannot fly and hence it is the only species of flightless parrot in the world. The major factor behind the extinction of this bird is the arrival of Europeans in New Zealand.
Pink Pigeon: is the bird of Mauritious. This is one of the most beautiful pegeon in the world. This bird is facing the threat of extinction and only 70 pigeons are alive on earth. The most attractive element of this bird is its beautiful beak of pink color or colour.
Mauritius Kestral : It belongs to the Falcon Family and inhabitant of Mauritius Islands in Indian Ocean. Although it is enlisted in threatened list but due to successful efforts today there are about 800 mature birds alive of this kind. It is a bird of prey and feeds on other birds or small animals. In ancient times it was used by human for hunting.
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