When you say rare, it means very precious thing. All of these rare marines have limited distribution in coastal south East Africa. Now problem is that, most of the rivers and streams are polluted because of industry, so all the marine life is disturbed very much. This list of endangered species of marine animals includes many precious marine animals.

The Caribbean Monk Seal is the only seal of Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico but it is an extinct species of seal. It was last seen in 1952 and after that, lots of efforts were made to find it but in 2008 the U.S. Government announced that the species of West Indian Monk Seal (Caribbean Monk Seal) is officially extinct. It disappeared because of human activities in the sea.
The Mediterranean Monk Seal is critically endangered species of sea animal because of fishing and other human activities. The total population of this mammal is about 350 to 450. It is found in East Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the endangered species of marine animals.
The Juan Fernandez Fur Seal is inhabitant of Juan Fernandez Islands near the coast of Chile. The name of this sea animal is on the name of Sixteenth Century navigator who discovered it. In the middle of 20th century it was believed to be extinct but due to efforts of different scientists, now it can be seen in its inhabitat. Today its population is near 10000 and there is no immediate threat of its extinction.
West Indian Manatee: It is native sea animal of Caribbean Sea and this sea animal is in danger of extinction. It feeds on aquatic plants. The West Indian Manatee is used for food purposes by human beings. Although there is no serious threat of its extinction but still there population is declining due to hunting and other human activities.
The Guadalupe Fur Seal is rare sea animal and it is native of Guadalupe Islands near the coasts of Mexico. In the middle of 19th century there population was reduced to dozens but due to effective recovery program today there population is about 10000.  It is one of the most endangered sea mammals in the world.
The New Zealand Fur Seal which is also known is Australasian Fur Seal or Southern Fur Seal, is found around the southern coast of Australia. There is threat of extinction to this species of sea animal but it is of least concerned. It can move quickly and sharply as compared to other seals. This marine mammal is carnivore and feeds of sea animals.
The Hooker’s Sea Lion Seal is inhabitant of areas around New Zealand especially around New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic Islands. This species is in serious threat of extinction and their population is around 9000 only. It is also known as New Zealand Sea Lion and Whakahao.
Right Whale is beautiful acrobatic sea animal. For fish hunters this species is perfect because it floats when killed and often found near coasts, for this reason the name “Right Whale” is given to this fish. Their species is in danger of extinction because of hunting. This form of whale fish is the rarest of all whale fishes. They are carnivores and live mostly in temperate waters of Atlantic or Pacific ocean.
Fraser’s Dolphin which is also known as Sarawak Dolphin, is found in deep waters of all oceans especially Pacific Ocean. Although there is danger of its extinction but this danger is least concerned. There are different international organizations which are working for the survival of marine animals and Dolphins are in the top list of these organizations.
The Amazonian Manatee is also known as Sea cow. It is found in South American continent in the Amazon river. This mammal is inhabitant of fresh waters in Amazon Basin. Due to hunting and other activates of human beings there is danger of its extinction. The Amazonian manatee is a herbivore that feeds on aquatic vegetation near lake edges.
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