The smallest country in Europe by area is Vatican city which is merely 0.44 KM wide. Vatican city isa landlocked country in Rome and it is the holiest place for the Christian community. It is also a fact that Europe is the sixth largest continent of the world and it covers 6.7% of the total land of the earth. There are a lot of small states in Europe which are comprised of only a few kilometers even less then a kilometer. Total number of countries in Europe are 50. The second tiniest state on EU is Monaco which is merely 1.95 KM wide, also it is one of the oldest country in the world. This list of top ten smallest countries in the world is compiled according to the area given in kilometers.

No. Flags Country Size Or Area Independence Day

Vatican City
0.44 Km February 1, 1929

Monaco 1.95 Km 1297

San Marino 61 Km 1263

Liechtenstein 160 Km May 3, 1342

Malta 316 Km September 21, 1964

Andora 468 Km 1278

Luxembourg 2,586 Km 1815, 1866

Slovenia 20,256 Km 1991

Macedonia 25,713 Km 1991

Albania 28,748 November 11, 1912

The third smallest country in EU is San Marino which has the land area of just over 61 square kilometer and it is the home of almost 32 thousand people only. An interesting thing about this country is that there is no body of water on this landlocked country.

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