Fire of target killing has engulfed hundreds of people from every school of thought. Religious figure-heads, political leader and workers, engineers, professors, doctors, bureaucrats, even children of lower middle class have been killed with a target. Recent apocalyptic situation in Karachi, born after the demise of an MPA of MQM, is going to be uncontrolled. More than 50 people have been killed in the latest round of target killing in the southern city of Karachi even as the country observed on Saturday to protest the suicide attacks at Islamic shrine in Lahore. Police and security officials said “at least 8 persons belonging different religious, political and social groups included a former councilor and an employee of the Sindh Assembly.
About 850 people have been killed in target shooting in the last 8 months. Suicide attacks are also becoming a tool for target killing at massacre level. Karachi and Lahore are not the only crucibles for the germs of target killing; Balochistan is an other laboratory for these havoc experiments. Chairman Tehreek-e-insaaf Pakistan. Imran Khan said,

“the recent spree of target killing in Sindh and Balochistan is a preplanned  conspiracy against Pakistan, while only judiciary could save a democracy in Pakistan.”

Karachi police has been politicized, he said, in Sindh it is need of the hour to extend real powers to the police for eradication of violence in the city. Target killing have hit the Balochistan very hard and in this perspective separatists force is becoming stronger in the province, he noted.
A target killing is backed by some foreign players. Alston, a New York University law professor, said the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by intelligence agencies such as CIA to carry out target killing in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere is particularly fraught because of the secrecy surrounding such operations. Although not illegal as such, CIA drone attacks are more likely to breach the rules of war than similar operations carried out by armed force, who are more familiar with international low and can support to non-lethal means because they have troops on the ground, Alston said. The perpetrators only want, Rehman Malik, Interior Minister said, to destabilize the nation. He narrated that the recent violence in Karachi is not just because target killing but due to the ongoing feuds between land mafia groups.
MQM, a gift of General Zia, is one of the root causes of disturbances spread in Karachi. Karachi, before the inception of MQM was a city of lights but today it is a place of darkness. Roods are blacked, the bazaars are closed, and offices are out of work. The true reason behind is, what we call lust for power.
MQM blamed ANP for target killing; ANP accuses MQM for lying, while Rehman Malik says a third element is involved. These target killing are not just limited to ANP and MQM, because other provinces are also not out of the heat of this fire. But Karachi has been reeling from violent seismic activity along its ethnic and political fault times—not the collision of geological plates nearby. 4 days ago, armed Sindhi and Pashtun activists exchanged tit-for-tat murders in the middle class Gulshan-e-jouhar area. Since the start of this year, target killings have claimed the lives of 41 innocent people. Massive civil unrest in Karachi is an indicator of the strength of centrifugal tendencies inside multi-ethnic Pakistan, which has historically been deeply challenged in managing its diversity.

August 6, 2010 | Adnan Khan | 1 Comment | 878 views