ANGOP is the news agency of Angola located in southern Africa. The organization was founded in 1975 and named as Agência Nacional Angola Press. However, after some time the name was changed with the official independence of Angola on November 11th 1975 and was renamed as Angola news agency. The organization has as vast network of offices throughout the country and its head office is in Luanda (capital of Angola).

ANGOP has its international offices and news source in five countries including Brazil, United Kingdom, Portugal, Zimbabwe and Republic of Congo. The main purpose of the news agency is to collect national and international news and to provide coverage to all the important events and different aspects regarding government and issues of national interest. ANGOP is a source of International news and it is the most reliable news source in Southern African countries, which has close links with more than 30 different international news organizations throughout the world. The organization has become a key role player and communication organ after presidential ordinance is published on 3rd Feb 1978. The firm is currently active and has a staff of more than 350 members including journalists, writers working twenty-four hours in day and night shifts.

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