Animals make an essential part of the human eco system because of their diversity and their role in nature. Some animals are active and sleep only a few hours a day and some on the contrary are dozing off all day doing nothing. This brings us to the top 10 sleepiest animals of the world. Some of these animals are sleepy enough to be found sleeping all day long only waking up to have their meals. The list from the sleepiest to less sleepy ones goes below.

Koala Of Australia Koala sleeps for almost 22 hours a day. It remains awakened for only 2 hours per day. It is found in coastal areas of Australia and Tasmania. A healthy female koala can produce one young each year for about 12 years. The koala lives almost entirely on eucalypt leaves.
Sloth In South America Picture Sloth sleeps for 20 hours a day. The living sloths comprise six species of medium-sized mammals. They may eat insects, small reptiles, and birds, but their diet consists mostly of buds, tender shoots, and leaves. It is found in rainforests of Central and South America.
Armadillo In Spanish Armadillo sleeps for 19 hours a day. Armadillo is a beautiful looking animal with leather armour shell. Mostly these animals are found in American stats of Texas, South Carolina and Florida.
Opossum Found Of South America Opossum also sleeps for the same hours as Armadillo sleeps. The hours are 19 which means that it remains awakened for only 5 hours a day. Its habitat is the areas of Canada.
Lemur Pictures Lemur sleeps for almost 16 hours a day. Lemur is a good looking animal which is found in Madagascar. It behaves like monkies and they live mostly on trees. They are mostly omnivores and eat meat or vegetables or fruits.
Hamster In Russian Hamster is one of the sleepiest animals which rests at 6th position and it sleeps for about 14 hours a day. The habitat of Hamster is all the parts of the world. Hamster  are rodents like mouse which mostly live under the earth.
Squirrel Pictures Squirel is found in almost all parts of the world and it sleeps for 14 hours a day.  Squirel belongs to rodent family.
Cat In Rome Cat is the most popular pet in the world and it is also one of the most sleepiest animal in the world as it sleeps for 13 hours a day. Cat is a carnivore as it eats flesh mostly.
Pig In South America Pigs are omnivores and they can be found on almost all parts of the world. They sleep for almost 13 hours a day like cats.
Spiny Anteater Live In Australia Spiny Anteater is popular for eating ants. They live in New Guinea and Australia. They are also known as Echidna. They sleep for about 12 hours a day that is why they are considered as the most sleepiest animals of the world.
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