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Deepest Fresh Water Lakes In the World

Baikal Lake: Not only the deepest lake in the world but also the also the oldest fresh water lake, The Baikal, is the second most voluminous lake in the world. Its average depth is 744.4 meters. It is estimated that it contains 20% of world’s fresh water.  Known as “Pearl of Siberia” lake Baikal... readmore

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What is Platinum? Uses of Platinum

What is Platinum? Platinum is a chemical element which is symbolized as Pt. The atomic number of platinum is 78, atomic weight is 195.23 whereas it falls between gold and iridium on the periodic table. The word platinum refers to the old Spanish word platina which means little silver. It naturally exists... readmore

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Cheapest Source of Electricity

Water is the cheapest source of producing electricity. Dams are built to run the turbines which produce electricity. This is a one time spending with low maintenance cost. readmore  Read More →

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How does the unequal heating of the atmosphere cause weather?

Wind is caused by unequal heating of the atmosphere by the sun. Most differences in air pressure are caused by unequal heating of the atmosphere. As you learned in the previous section, convection currents from when an area of Earth’s surface is heated by sun’s rays. Air over the heated surface... readmore

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Autumn Equinox: Definition Facts And Date

Autumn Equinox: Autumn Equinox occurs on September 23. It starts the period of autumn causing the shorter days and placing the foundation of winter season. It occurs due to the passing of sun towards southern hemisphere from north. Many festivals are arranged and celebrated at this event. Some people... readmore

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Which is the polymer of glucose?

Starch is the polymer of glucose. readmore  Read More →

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Which is the purest form of iron?

The purest from of iron is wrought iron.  Read More →

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What is an alloy metal?

An alloy is composition of two or more metals. readmore  Read More →

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What is the process sublimation?

The process of conversion of a material from the solid state directly to the gaseous state is called sublimation.  Read More →

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What is C.F.C?

C.F.C is the abbreviation of chlorofluorocarbon. These are found in refrigerators, body sprays and air conditioners etc.  Read More →

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