The Andes, Rockies, Himalayas and Alps are examples of fold mountain. Fold mountains are  formed due to the effects of folding on layers within the upper part of the Earth’s crust. Fold mountains are usually formed from sedimentary rocks and are usually found along the edges of continents. This is because the thickest deposits of sedimentary rock generally accumulate along the edges of continents. When tectonic plates of the earth crust collide with each other, the accumulated layers of rock crumple and these things make the fold like mountains.

As mentioned earlier, the Andes is the example of fold mountains, it is the longest and largest mountain range in the world, situated in South America. The second example is of Himalayas which is the largest mountain range in Asia. The highest peaks in the world lie in this range which is comprised of several popular sub-ranges like Karakorum and Hindu Kush.

March 14, 2011 | Afifa Gillani | 2 Comments | 563 views