Finland is known as the land of thousand lakes in the world. The number of lakes in Finland are 187,888 which includes large as well  small lakes. There is an area where the number of lakes are very high, for this reason that area is called Finnish Lakeland. Out of these lakes Saimaa is the largest lake in the country. This lake is the fourth largest lake in Europe with an area of 4400 square kilometer. According to the scientists, this lake was formed because of glacial melting at the end of Ice Age. Most of the lakes of this Land of Thousand Lakes are the result of this glacial melting which caused the creation of Saimaa. It is now clear that because of the highest number of lakes in this country, Finland is popular as the land of thousand lakes.

Because of its lakes and Islands, Finland is regarded the most beautiful country in Europe.  It is also one of the most popular tourist spot of Europe. Aland an semi-autonomous Island which forms an archipelago and it is the most beautiful tourist destination in Finland. Not only the lakes and islands but the forest of Finland are also popular. 86% of the total area is comprised of forests, for this reason Finland is the most forested country in Europe. The lakes, islands and thick forests have converted Finland into a sparsely populated area in European Union.

Finland Lakes

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