There are different sizes of organisms in this universe but did you ever think about how much they differ in sizes. Organisms can be gigantic and in the same way organisms can be small like a sand grain. There are a huge number of organisms in the world that have not been discovered yet. On the earth and in the sea, there are organisms that you may not know. So let’s talk about organisms in more detail.

What are Organisms?

Organisms can be defined in many ways. In a very simple form, they are living objects or creatures such as animals, plant or fungus which maintain a physical form can be regarded as organisms. Organisms are everywhere in world in form of bacteria organisms, plants organisms and yeast organisms. An organism is comprised of single cell or multiple cells.

Smallest Organism – Microorganism:

Talking about sizes of the smallest organisms, the smallest sized organism in the world is determined on certain elements. Such elements are height, weight, length and volume. Currently, the debates and researches are incomplete and studies are being made to explore the generation and definition of life. Since the definition of life is under scientific debates, the consideration for smallest organism is also doubtful. The so called smallest size organism on earth is named as “Micro-organism”. Micro-organisms are arisen from less number of cells and mostly found as virus, bacteria, fungus and algae. Their range is wide and thus they are very diverse.


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