The planet earth is regarded as watery planet of our solar system. It is the only planet in the solar system, which has life activities. Earth is the third planet nearest to the sun and the most beautiful planet in the solar system. Being covered with water, it looks like a giant blue ball when pictures are taken from the space. The earth is divided into different atmospheric zones and the zone, which contains water, is called hydrosphere. Hydrosphere contains water in the form of lakes, waterfalls, ice caps, glaciers, ocean, and water vapors.

According to the geographical distribution of the world map, about 70% of the world surface is covered with water and 30% surface is dry land. According to the scientists, the average surface area of earth is 510,100,000 km2 among, which water is present at 361,300,000 km2 (70.8%) and the dry land occupies the surface area of 48, 800,000 km2 (29.2%). Most of the water on earth exists in the form of oceans and salty in nature. Out of 97.4% of water saline and it is found in the form of oceans or salty lakes. Fresh water is only 2.6 % and it is the major source of life for terrestrial life on the land.

Earth Water Planet

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