Who Discovered DNA?

Watson and Crick discovered the modern double helix D.N.A model. Francis Crick was an English molecular biologist and neuroscientist whereas James Watson is an American molecular biologist, geneticist and zoologist who worked in collaboration with each other to discover D.N.A in 1953. On 28 October, 1953, Francis Crick said “We have discovered the secret of life”. The role of Francis Crick was critical in determining the facts about DNA>

During World War II, researchers reached factual conclusion that the mysterious substance which carries genes from generation to generation was DNA. They also revealed that this DNA is responsible for hereditary information from the predecessors to the successors. This study was further completed by the invention of Watson and Crick, who worked on the double helix structure of Deoxyribonucleic Acid and found the true mystery of nature.  They proposed the helix or spiral staircase structure of the DNA molecule by using the x-ray diffraction data collected by Rosalind Franklin.

This invention was so marvelous that it opened the horizons of scientific inventions in the future. Previously, the scientists were troubled by this mystery which was unfolded by these two. It was difficult to find out the fact that how a son has similar characteristics to that of his father and how the hereditary diseases were transferred from the father to the son or daughter. And for this reason, these two scientists were awarded Nobel Prize in 1962.

Watson And Crick Picture

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