Riding a diesel powered car always begs the question that who invented diesel engine in the first place. Rudolf Christian Karl was the one who invented the diesel oil engine. He was a genius mechanical engineer who studied and practiced mechanics inGermany. This invention brought a sea change in the transportation sector therefore he was awarded with ElliottCressonMedal in 1901.

He was born in1858 inParis,Franceand his father was a bookbinder by profession. AfterFranco– Prussian War of 1870, they shifted toLondonbecause they were forced to migrate.Dieselwanted to became an engineer because he was interested in that type of activities. He got his education from London in 1850 then he returned to Paris and assisted his ex- professors in designing and constructing the modern refrigerate and ice plants.

Rudolf Christian Karl continued his research about thermal and fuel efficiency. He manufactured his first engine in 1893. It was an ignition engine in which a piston was used. A mixture of oil and air is used in cylinder where the oil ignites due to increased temperature. The resultant explosion blows the piston and this process repeats again & again. Regarding the use of fuel, this engine was more efficient than the one which requires petrol to run.Diesel continued his research with other researchers in the coming years of his invention. He committed suicide in 1913 due to his financial crises.



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