The Muslim world has seen so many great names in the history of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and other scientific disciplines. During the hedays of Muslim’s rule in most of the Arab countries, Iran and Iraq were well known for their scholars and thinkers.  Abu bakr Zakariya Razi was a celebrated chemist, physician and philosopher from Iran. Al-Razi was born in the city of Rey in Iran (August 26, 865) and he completed most of his work near the city of Tehran. He was a pupil of Al Rabban Tabri- a great name in the field of chemistry and biology.

After getting the education under popular thinkers of his time, he became popular in his circles as a physician. So he was appointed as Chief Director of a hospital during the reign of his cousin-Mansure ibne Ishaq. He moved to Baghdad for some time and he returned back to Rey after serving as Chief Director in a hospital for 6 to 7 years. After reaching his own land, he started to teach about chemistry and physics to lots of his students. In the later stages of his life, he became totally blind and died with this blindness in 925.

Razi was an expert of his field, he wrote many books and articles explaining different diseases and other biological processes. He explained the difference between Smallpox and Measles and Allergies and Fever. Al-Hawi, Man La Yahduroh Al Tabib, Doubts About Galen and Diseases of Children are some of the most popular books of Al Razi. By writing the diseases of children, he is considered as the father of pediatrics.

Abu Bakr Zakariya Razi Picture

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