Writer of National Anthem of Pakistan

Hafeez Jalandhari is known around the world for writing the national anthem of Pakistan. Hafeez Jalandhari, a renowned poet and writer was born in Jalandhar, Punjab in 1900. His full name was Abu – Al –Asar Hafeez Jalandhary and was the Shams – ud – deen who was known in the surroundings for his exceptional learning of the Holy Quran. Along with Islamic education, Hafeez Jalandhary got his formal education until seventh standard only, after which he switched to religious education. In both of these educations, he showed that he was an intellectual person with tremendous capabilities. He was a great poet and wrote many books on Islam as well. From all of his works, Shah-Nama-e-Islam is the most famous book that describes problems of Muslim world. In reward for writing this book, he got the title of Firdosee-e-Islam.

Except this book and national anthem of Pakistan, he also wrote the national anthem of Kashmirand many patriotic songs during the war in 1965. He also remained the editor in monthly magazines like Naunehal, Tehzeeb–e–Niswan and Makhzin. After World War II, he also served as Director of song publication department. Nagma–e-Zar was a collection of his poems, which was published in 1935. He got two notable awards which are Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Pride of Performance. He diet on 21 December, 1982 and buried in Lahore.

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